Ten Reasons to Consider Christianity by Ian Coate – Reason 4: Life is more than the physical

We live in a mechanised world.  When an engine breaks down, the problem part is fixed or replaced and the engine works again.  When our computer dies, we call someone to fix or replace the dysfunctional component and suddenly it comes back to life.

Sadly, we cannot deal with the problem of a human death mechanically. When a person dies, we can’t fix or replace the broken parts, switch them on and – hey presto – like Frankenstein’s monster, they come back to life.
Today, there is technology to keep a person’s body functioning externally, yet when doctors pronounce someone dead, they acknowledge that something has left the body and no amount of treatment or equipment can bring them back. So, does this mean we have a soul?

We know so little about life.  Some say life is simply the result of the perfect balance of chemicals, ions and memory-association cells.  But this does not explain self-awareness or that spiritual sense of self which never grows old even when the body does, (Ecc. 3:11).  If life was simply biological, we should be able to resolve the problem of death with an operation – but this will never be the case.  Unlike mechanical death, human death is permanent – something, our soul, leaves the body and doesn’t come back, (Ecc. 12:7).

Science is limited to observing the physical world and many disregard that which cannot be examined.  Yet, we all have a defining and timeless sense of self that transcends our fleshly casing – an inner self that houses all our hopes and fears, dreams and desires, beliefs and standards that cannot be observed on an operating table.
We should all question: When we die, where does that something (the real us) go?  This is life’s central question.  However, we get so caught up acquiring wealth, status and pursuing the trivial, that we give little thought about the consequences of death.  The Bible states: ‘For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?’ (Mark 8:36).  The Good News and answer to life’s central question is found in: John 3:16.

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