The Myth of the Good Person (Video)


In the 20th Century, the myth of the “Good Person” became a prevalent mind set for many people to include Christians.  It started with God knows my heart (true) and HE knows I am a good person (maybe, maybe not). These may not always be biblical statements but it has become a rally cry for many individuals.  In reality, the real focus is not about whether a person is good or bad but whether or not Jesus has forgiven them of their sins and have they accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior.  Those are the two minimal requirements for following Christ. This belief also leads to a strange acceptance in regard to evangelism. Over the course of years, I have heard many people say something akin to the statement; I don’t have to say anything about Jesus.  People can see it in my life.  Really?

To start, the arrogance of that assertion is mind blowing. To feel that anyone could look at your life and feel that people see Jesus is more than a little disconcerting.  All of us need to lead a life that is an example of Christ’s life and love.  However, we need to understand our own earthly limitations. Not everyone who sees your good works is interpreting it with the same zeal you are.  Many may even see it as conceited and arrogant. Read more here:

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