Ten Reasons to Consider Christianity by Ian Coate – Reason 2: There is a design behind everything in creation.

Reason 2: There is a design behind everything in creation.

Christianity and ScienceA book requires an author – like a program requires a programmer – like a poem requires a poet – like a design requires a designer – like an invention requires an inventor – like creation requires a Creator.

When we see an artwork, do we believe that the artwork created itself or is it self evident that an artist created it?
Animals are programmed for survival (zoologists call it instinct). Who is the programmer?
Science acknowledges that all scientific laws are constant and governed. If this is so, who is the governor?
Science also acknowledges a design to all of creation. Who is the designer?
There is much talk of the Laws of Nature. Who is the one upholding these Laws?
One could argue, it would be easier for the most intricate micro-chip to intelligently form itself from raw matter, than a DNA molecule (the most efficient information storage system in the known universe) to do the same.
Did creation really create itself? There is the option of believing in Darwin’s clever ‘Evolution’ which if given enough time can theoretically create (from nothing) all intricately designed creatures and then program them with a moral sense and instinct. Or, we can believe that behind all things in creation is an incredible Creator.
The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament shows His Handiwork. Psalms 19:1


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